What we do.

Cultivox cultivates the voice. Novel idea, right? Digital communications can be a complicated mess. We endeavor to cut through the noise and deliver products capable of speaking – loudly – on their own.

Areas of speciality:

  • Content Strategy
  • Content Development & Production
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Brand Analysis

Content Strategy:

Content is the lifeblood of your digital operations. We’ll show you how to most efficiently deploy it. The first step is discovery: What is your product? Who are you trying to engage? What are your goals? We dialogue with stakeholders from every arena of your business to assemble a message that speaks with a purposeful, cohesive voice. Cultivox utilizes an assortment of methodologies and techniques to analyze content, ranging from auditing, to focus grouping, to (real) competitive analysis. And we’re not going to present it to you in a spreadsheet. 

Content Development & Production:

Cultivox believes in organic, original, and authoritative content. You might say it’s a passion of ours. Setting course with a robust editorial calendar, we’ll chart a publishing life-cycle that best represents the needs of your business and target audience. Content takes many shapes: white papers, blog posts, articles, FAQ, and all variety of visual media (hey GIFs, we’re looking at you). Each serves an integral role in your overall content strategy. We’ll devise the most optimal delivery routes, templates, and creative structures.

Digital Marketing:

We love words – but we recognize the importance of numbers. Analytics provide invaluable insight into areas where you can grow your business via SEO, improve your digital operations, and generate strong ROI. Cultivox believes in custom-fit KPI; the right indicators will guide your digital strategy and serve as a point of personal pride and motivation for stakeholders.

None of that keyword-padding nonsense here. Don’t even.

Social Media:

Ah, social. It’s here, there, and everywhere. It’s also the preeminent interface available to communicate directly with your customers. Establish your voice on social media. Own it and nurture it. Cultivox measures CSAT across social channels and emphasizes active, responsive human presence(s) paired with a finely tuned publishing cycle and engagement tools.

Brand Analysis:

Nota bene: Cultivox is a fan of the deep-dive. Our approach to brand analysis and development is akin to method acting. Think Daniel Day-Lewis in Gangs of New York or There Will Be Blood. Yep, now you get the picture. The comprehensive assessment begins at ground level and exhaustively inspects your enterprise. Brand is personal. It’s a culmination of your aspirations, your accomplishments, and, well, you. Cultivox is convinced that a powerful formulation of brand can both transcend and sustain a product. Our analysis is designed to give you a sense of self (alongside a style guide and delineation of guiding principles).

Additional expertises:

  • Policy Development
  • Editorial Strategy
  • Publishing Lifecycles
  • Copyediting/Copywriting
  • CMS (Enterprise and Open Source)
  • CRM Deployment / Implementation Strategy
  • Software Research and Beta Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Customer Support Systems
  • Customer Success
  • Focus Grouping
  • Travel Logistics