Who we are.

Cultivox is the voice. Cultivox is the news and the trends and the popular culture. Cultivox is the politics. Cultivox is the message. Cultivox is the strategy.

Cultivox is a multidisciplinary consulting firm. A close-knit team of freelancers, designers, writers, developers, strategists, and managers. Our current focus is the digital realm, with a concentration on all things content and policy related.

Cultivox is the product of our realities. The blueprint for what Cultivox represents today was originally plotted in 2010. It was the tail-end of the international recession and the global business economy was enduring profound evolution. In: sharing economy and austerity. Out: bloat and redundancy. Cultivox was designed with concision in mind. A consulting solution akin to an API. Plug your business into our server and access our full-suite of expertise, then seamlessly detach. Efficient, quick, and cost aware.

Cultivox is ever-changing and multi-faceted. Our background and interests are diverse. We keep our fingers on the pulse of the latest trends and newsmaking events in technology, politics, international affairs, and the mass media. Our team is built around group determinations of relevancy and future-forwardness. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll acquire it. If we can’t acquire what you need, we’ll build it. 

Cultivox is international. Although our base of operations is currently San Francisco, we have the ability to scale our process anywhere, anytime. We’ve done business in every corner of the world and have pre-existing networks and facilities across Europe and East Asia.


  • Telephone: 1.470.377.3736 (US)
  • E-Mail: info@cultivox.com